dvd 02

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On this DVD, you get the next eight episodes of the series:

Les Sekrets du Grand Artificier (Great Pyro's Sekret)
Le Pont de la Konkorde (The Konkord Bridge)
Les Détrakeurs du Ciel (Sky Breakers)
Troglodyte Rock
Koup de Kafard (This title is sort of hard to translate... it can be either "Shock of the Cockroach/Sneaky One/Depressed One". I assume it's making a pun on the fact that Krabo is depressed, and also a cockroach, and.. sneaky. Ha. The title in the English version is "Krabo's Kase.")
La nuit Élektrik (Elektrik Night)
Grosse Kolère ("Big Anger", English title "Fulgor's Kwest")
Kui-Kui (Cui-cui is a bird call, like, tweet-tweet, which would make the English title "Bird Kalls")

Special Features:
Character profiles and another clip of the Making Of. Unfortunately, the character profiles are the exact same from the first DVD. A shame. The Making Of clip is the same, too. Why put the same features on both dvds? It makes no sense to me. Ah well.