fan stuff

Yay! I've finally found fans of this show, other than myself, to compile this page. Here you can find various fan works; whether it's artwork, fanfiction, fan videos, or whatever. If you're a fan and you made it, then it belongs here! ;)

If you've made something that you'd like to show off to the world, AND would like to have it featured on this site, then send me an e-mail at shellshocked_echo at hotmail dot com with the following:

Your Name (Or nickname; it will be used to credit your work)
Your Website (if you have one), or your e-mail address (Optional; It's up to you if you would like this information to be posted along with your art)
Your Attached Pieces Of Art (If it's a drawing, I can accept practically any file format, however, it's a BMP file, please compress it to a JPG, because BMP is huge!)
The Titles to Go With Each Piece (If applicable)

And I will post it up. I'd love to see this section grow!

fan art

Artist: Andrea

Artist: Azdaracylius

Artist: gni

Artist: Kazzie Shellshock

Artist: Klobber

Artist: locomotive

Artist: MartmeisterPaladin

Artist: Twisted-chan

fan videos

By locomotive
Insektors Music Video - "Rollercoaster"

By Snowcat
Season Two Opening