Fulgor is, essentially, the main character of the series. Adopted son of the Great Pyro, he and nobody else seems to know where he really came from, and this often gets him down. However, he is a generally positive and happy-go-lucky type of guy, often teasing his 'sister' Aelia and getting into mischief. His 'gallant steed' is a honking, horse-like machine named Gallopus who has been his best friend for as long as he can remember, and his other sidekick is Spotty.
Though not related by blood, his relationship with Aelia is sisterly by all means... though, when the Yuk prince Acylius shows interest in Aelia, Fulgor appears jealous and protective over her. How this can be interpreted is difficult, but later on he finally accepts Aelia and Acylius' relationship.
He loves music, so naturally, his weapon of choice, and instrument, is the Kolour Guitar; a guitar that has the ability to shoot pollen bombs/fireworks out the end of it. When hit with the pollen, the Yuks act all silly and are then considered harmless, thus is why its function also doubles as a weapon. At the Joyce festivals, Fulgor is always an active part in it; performing songs and fireworks displays with his guitar.
Later on in the series, The Great Pyro reveals how Fulgor came into his care; Fulgor was originally a Yuk, left anonymously with Gallopus in the Flower City when he was a baby. The Great Pyro didn't know who exactly left him there, other than the person was the Yuks' former engineer, who was now in prison. Without another thought, The Great Pyro happily took the young Yuk under his wing (bad pun) and raised him as a Joyce.
Then, MUCH later, you learn that his father was Eurekas; ashamed of his heritage, he wished for his son to have a better life with the species he wished he could have been; a Joyce. Fulgor is finally reunited with him at the end of the series. His mother, however, is unknown.


Daughter of the Great Pyro, nicknamed "Ya-Ya" by Fulgor (much to her dismay), she spends most of her time tending the Great Prism and collecting various colours of pollen and drops of dew. She re-plants flowers that the Yuks destroy, and has been known to develop new species of flowers on the rare occasion. She has a definate passion for nature's beauty and everything the Joyces stand for.
Despite coming off as being bossy sometimes, she is kind-hearted and tries her best to make Fulgor happy (even if they don't always get along). She is usually accompanied by him, Spotty, or Daltonio, but she spends most of her time with her father when she's not out in the flower fields.
She is in love with Prince Acylius of the Yuks and he returns her feelings. However, their relationship doesn't get to develop much, but she desperately wishes for Acylius to live there with her in Flower City, but he can't due to being the Queen's son.

The Great Pyro

Eccentric, and a bit odd, he is a wise individual, and you could say he would be the ruler of Flower City. He lives in the Great Flower, and tends to the Great Prism every day. (Everything is 'great' in this city of theirs, huh?) There isn't much to be said about him, unfortunately, but he is a caring father to Aelia and Fulgor and is always there to offer his advice and theories concerning the Yuks.
He isn't negative in any way... especially not towards the Yuks. He seems to be pretty neutral towards them. Even if he wishes that everyone could live together in harmony, he accepts that such a thing would not really be possible... and just accepts the Yuks for who they are. He also admires Lord Teknokratus for being such a skilled engineer and scientist.


Daltonio is what I would call a "sidekick" character. He hasn't really done anything to advance the plot, or even HELP, but he's just there to support the main characters from time to time. With a slight speech impediment, Daltonio is one of the most unique of the Joyces (and probably one of the most brightly coloured). He is buddies with Fulgor and Aelia, and often helps Aelia collect and mix pollen. He never gets a break, though, as he often finds himself getting into trouble, and as a result he often has to take baths in the Great Prism's spring to rid himself of the carbon juice he got sprayed with.


As Fulgor's loyal steed, Gallopus is Fulgor's best friend and is rarely seen without Fulgor at his side. The pair have been inseperable since Fulgor was a baby. Gallopus can fly and run very fast, and Fulgor often uses him as his mode of transportation, rather than flying on his own.
Unlike the other Joyces, he is a machine. He cannot speak and instead uses a series of beeps and honks to communicate (The Joyces can understand him just fine, though!) Later on, you discover that he was in fact created by Fulgor's father, Eurekas, in Yukdom, and was one of his greatest inventions.
Oh, and did I mention that Gallopus is a smooth dancer? Because he is.


Spotty is Aelia's little buddy, so to speak. He has a spotlight encased in his stomach and is very helpful when it comes to coming along on missions to Yukdom. He is a very helpful Joyce to bring along, as his bright spotlight is a good weapon to use to momentarily stun the Yuks (the Yuks hate bright light!)
Like Gallopus, he is unable to speak and instead makes a series of strange noises that the Joyces can understand as speech. It is uncertain if he is a machine or not, but it is said that he is a machine due to the fact that Lord Teknokratus was very fascinated by him and tried to 'operate' on him to see where the source of light in his stomach came from.