Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of Insektors sites on the web. Hence why I decided to take up the task in making one! However, I did manage to find some sites that mention Insektors, and even have a picture or two on them.

First up, though, if you would like to link to this site, please use the banners below and link to Also, PLEASE save the banners to your own server! Hot linking is bad. :3

Other Insektors Sites
Official Fantome Site
Insektors LiveJournal Community
Insektors Online Forums
Insektors @ Wikipedia
Insektors @ Wikipedia (French)
Insektors Message Board (French)
Insektors Blog (French)
Jedi's Paradise - Insektors - Insektors
Sing Song Productions (Online portfolio of Jacques Davidovici, composer of the music in Insektors)
AnimeVous - Insektors
Insektors @ TV Tropes
Insektors @ RetroJunk

Where to Find Insektors Stuff
eBay (May have PAL videos of the UK version from time to time) (France) (May have the French DVD set) (May have PAL videos)