Queen Bakrakra

Queen Bakrakra is the ruler of the Yuks. Always cold, the queen never seems to be satisfied, despite all of her subordinates' efforts to make sure she is kept happy. She is cruel and demanding and has no problem with telling everyone how worthless they all are.
Her room is linked in the audience chamber, and she is usually seen sitting on a throne that is situated on a belt that automatically brings her out every time she is summoned. The Yuks' most important invention, the Hotsy-Totsy, was invented purely so that she is kept warm. Her bed chambers are never seen, aside from hints of flames that can be seen when she enters the audience chamber.
She hates the Joyces and is furious that her only son, Prince Acylius, has befriended them and constantly rebels from his role as next-in-line.

Lord Krabo

The most miserable one of them all, Lord Krabo is the third in line for the throne, and the Yuks's prime minister. Like the queen, he is demanding, always stressed, never happy and to top it all off, he has a very bad temper.
He makes a lot of the decisions in Yukdom and is usually the one who issues the commands when it comes to missions to Flower City. In addition to being the premier, he is also in charge of Prince Acylius, attempting to keep the young prince in line as well as being his tutor.
He hates the Joyces and everything they stand for. Slightly dyslexic at times, he can never seem to get Fulgor's name right ('Gofer' is a common replacement) and secretly, deep down, he is afraid of him. In reality, Krabo is nothing but a big coward and has openly admitted to being afraid of bright lights, colours, and most of all Fulgor! But, of course, he rarely lets that side show through and is admired by the Yuks, especially Kretinus.
His favourite saying is "I will have my revenge!" and commonly ends every episode with this phrase. He's also genuinely allergic to flowers and sometimes refers to himself as "We" instead of "I."

Lord Teknocratus

Lord Teknocratus is the polar opposite of Krabo; he's probably the most calm, easy-going Yuk in the entire stump. As the engineer of the Yuks, he is constantly inventing new machines to serve their colony in various ways, whether it's war machines, modes of transportation, or even a security system (as seen in one episode, 'The Kalkulator'.) In short: he is a genius.
He seems to be able to handle the harsh Krabo quite well; as the two of them are usually seen together. He takes the butt-end of Krabo's rantings and scoldings about his inventions, always being told that they are junk or that they 'don't work'... Tekno has amazing tolerance!
Teknocratus wasn't always the Yuks' engineer, as it was revealed that he replaced a Yuk named Eurekas a long time ago.


Clumsy, good-natured and not exactly all-there in the brains department, Kretinus is Krabo's assistant and frequently goes on missions with General Lukanus into Flower City. Even though he has a high rate of failing at what ever he does, Kretinus aims to please and he deeply admires Lord Krabo.

General Lukanus

Lukanus is the leader of the Yuk army, and in being so, he is very arrogant, harsh and will do what ever it takes to succeed. Unfortunately, he is also not very bright, but he seems to have more brains than Kretinus. He constantly yearns for the Queen's praise and will do what he has to to ensure that he gets it.... but more often than not fails.
He's skilled at playing a xylophone-like instrument and often plays his 'music' on special occasions.

Prince Acylius

Prince Acylius is second in line for the throne and Queen Bakrakra's only child. Unlike his mother (and everyone else who lives in Yukdom, actually) he does not wish to be a Yuk, and instead, wishes he could be a Joyce! A pacifist, he does not approve of the Yuks' way of life and is constantly digging tunnels so he can escape and be free of his burdens. Because of this, he is always causing trouble and it's usually Lord Krabo who has to clean up his messes.
One day, he manages to escape and enters Flower City, where he meets Aelia and falls in love with her. He befriends the Joyces and tries to stay there permanently, but his mother does not approve one bit. Reluctantly, he returns to Yukdom and continues his place as Prince, but only because he hopes one day that there will be peace between the two tribes of insects (and also because, if he resigns, then that makes Lord Krabo the next in line.)

General Krabouic

Krabouic is one of the two lead Yuk pilots and is responsible for flying/driving the various Yuk war machines. He's the more aggressive of the two and certainly has more brains than his partner, Kaboche, but not by much.

General Kaboche

Kaboche is not the brightest crayon in the box, and he is always paying for it. He has a slight speech impediment, causing him to stutter every time he opens his mouth. The poor guy never seems to catch a break, always getting picked on or beat on for doing or saying something stupid. Which is the majority of the time.


Protokol is the guy who stands in front of the Queen's throne in the audience chamber and announces everyone's arrivals, and/or actions. He speaks really, really fast in one tone and has a staff that goes "tap tap" after he is done speaking. He really does not do anything else but that. Seriously.

The Guards

The Guards of Yukdom are also the worst guards ever. How they still keep their job is unknown, but they are everything opposite that a good guard should be: clumsy, skittish, not-too-bright, and gullible. Their job is to stand in front of the main gate and guard the stump. And fail at it. Miserably. They are usually too busy bickering to notice that Fulgor has slipped right by them....


ZOMGSPOILERS! Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way, Eurekas is the Yuks' former engineer. Not much is known about him, other than he used to create machines against his will for the Yuks, even though he did not agree with using his talents to make such horrible things of war. As a result, he was emprisoned by Lord Krabo and was never to see the light of day again.
Eurekas is Fulgor's father. He wished for his son to have a better future than he did, and therefore, he invented Gallopus and sent the young baby and the machine to Flower City, where he hoped that his son would be taken in and raised as a Joyce. The Great Pyro discovered him and did just that, keeping it a secret that Fulgor was actually a Yuk.
He escaped his exilation and had begun living underground in the catacombs beneath Yukdom, where he remained until he decided to surface and sabotage all of the Yuks' inventions, one by one. He is reunited with his son at the end of the series.